Chemviron Carbon: Activated Carbon for Precious Metals Recovery

Activated Carbon for Precious Metals Recovery


Gold Recovery

GOLDCARB® products are a range of coconut shell based granular activated carbons for use in gold recovery applications employing the Carbon in Leach (CIL) or Carbon in Pulp (CIP) processes. The gold adsorption capacity is specified and tested on every lot of GOLDCARB® ensuring maximum gold recovery. These products also offer superior hardness - GOLDCARB® grades undergo a pre-attrition process to minimise gold losses and prevent plugging of screens.

The GOLDCARB® range of carbons has been developed to offer customers a choice of products for the recovery of gold in CIP/CIL and CIS systems.  The products are designed to maximise gold loading, exhibit rapid adsorption kinetics, provide enhanced elution performance and resist attrition and platelet formation.

Chemviron Carbon’s range of activated carbons has been developed and successfully proven to provide gold producers with products which suit their particular operations. Each batch of carbon is rigorously tested before shipping to ensure that the following specifications are met for optimum use in gold recovery plants:

  • Gold adsorption capacity (k Value).- The ability to achieve high gold loadings from pulps/ solutions containing ppm concentrations of gold
  • Gold adsorption rate (R value) - A high rate of gold loading, thus enabling optimum inventories to be easily achieved
  • Attrition Resistance - The carbon should be physically strong to resist mechanical breakdown. This is especially important in the adsorption section where excessive carbon attrition can result in significant gold losses
  • Size distribution - A low platelet concentration. The presence of platelets in activated coconut shell carbon results from carbon particles breaking in a longitudinal direction.
  • An ability to liberate gold when loaded carbon is treated in an elution circuit.

For more information about precious metal recovery using activated carbon, including Calgon Carbon's new Gold Recovery brochure, available in English and Spanish, please follow this link.