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Chemviron Carbon is an international manufacturer of activated carbon, carbon filters, and purification systems, with applications including drinking water treatment, air purification, and sugar decolouring or purification.

Chemviron Carbon is the European Operation of Calgon Carbon Corporation (NYSE: CCC) which is a global manufacturer, supplier, and developer of innovative activated carbon treatment systems, value added technologies, and services for optimising production processes and safely purifying the environment.

Over 100 different types of activated carbon are available for applications including drinking water, wastewater, sweetener, pharmaceutical, air and gas purification (natural gas and biogas). With mobile service equipment we can deliver activated carbon quickly and efficiently.

Chemviron Carbon also does its bit for the environment! With dedicated factilities for food/drinking water or industrial/environmental spent carbon reactivation located in Belgium and the UK, we can provide custom and pool recycling for the majority of water, food or industrial granular activated carbon. Through activated carbon reactivation we recycle spent material, thus protecting natural resources whilst significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions compared with fresh activated carbon supply and disposal.

From drinking water and wastewater treatment, to odour control, to chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing or processing, Chemviron Carbon has the experience and capabilities that provide value to your business every day, anywhere in the world.

 CYCLEVENT MACH4 Biogas Filter with Activated Carbon

Temporary Carbon Filters for PFOA Removal
In New York State, in the town of Hoosick Falls, temporary activated carbon filters are being utilised to remove a toxic chemical from the town's drinking water supply. The chemical, referred to as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is…
Biogaz Europe 2015 - Nantes, FR.
Biogaz Europe 2016 – Nantes, FR In 2016, Chemviron Carbon will again be present at major exhibitions focusing on renewable energy and biogas in particular. In addition to its participation in the international exhibition IFAT…
Micropollutants Removal with MICROCARB Activated Carbon
Tests performed at the Paris WWTP using Chemviron Carbon's CYCLECARB® 305, one of our new µ-CARB® range of products, in a fluidised bed reactor, demonstrated excellent removal of a number of key micropollutants…